I provide tailored services to meet the needs of individual students. Some students prefer to use distance or online learning because this arrangement fits in more flexibly with their academic and non-academic commitments. Offering distance and online learning means that I am not restricted by geographical location, and students can learn in an environment that is comfortable and familiar to them, thus reducing the stress that can be associated with classroom based learning. However, I also offer face-to-face sessions covering the geographical location of Birmingham and its close surrounding areas.

Examples of the kind of services I provide include the following:

  • Subject specific guidance for Literature and English Language.
  • Essay, dissertation and thesis organisation advice for research based projects in any discipline.
  • Advice about exam technique in any discipline.
  • GCSE/A Level and undergraduate exam technique guidance.
  • Essay planning and writing advice for any discipline.
  • Using Business English in a variety of ways in a corporate setting.
  • Writing research proposals for any discipline.
  • Grammar, punctuation and style advice.
  • Using Plain English for business and academic purposes.

Please contact me to find out how I can assist you specifically.